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published28 Dec 2013

So I(Sven) am sitting in the living room of a flat, working for initialbyte. It is 23 o'clock but I really fancy jekyll and I am eager to test it a little more, I suppose this is called enthusiasm. But enough of this wishy washy bla bla: What is this? Why am I in a flat and where?

Well of course this bothers you(and I need some text for the first post so I can test everything with it) and I will tell you: this is my new approach to the initialbyte homepage, with static site generation. My friend suggested it( and as I am working with it I really enjoy this easy type of CMS. So the new Initialbyte site is running on jekyll if Thierry is fine with that. I have to ask him when I am back in Karlsruhe (and I have to work a little bit on the design. Even though minimalistic is the new cool I really like some spacing :D ) So why am I not in Karlsruhe working on foraois? well I told my parents I would go skiing with them and so I went with them to Fischen in Germany. The only thing that didnt went here was snow. But people are here non the less, because of the Skiing tournament in Obersdorf(yes this town sounds german as hell). So no skiing this december... but maybe soon Sven