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how to create a bug report

published25 Feb 2014

How to create a bug report

It is really helpful for us if our testers create bug reports via the bug/issue reporting system. Feature requests should be done personally. So, on to the tutorial:

When you first log-in into the bugtracker you will find yourself on a page where all bugs that are currently in the system are shown. You should seek here first to see if your bug has already been reported. If not, you can report your issue. The menu on the top will lead you to the bug-submission form. So, what values should go into this form? If you are not sure, use the value in the brackets after my description.

Category: Is it a bug concerning the game mechanic, the animations or maybe even a wrong-looking pixel in an image (General).
Reproducibility: Is the bug reproducable or just a one time occurence.
Severity: Indicaton of how much the bug influences the playability of the game. If the bug prevents you from proceeding or breaks your game completely.
Priority: Depends on severity but basicly you should pick normal.
Fill in your Profile information it may help us with very specific bugs.
Pruduct Version: You find the product version in the title bar. It is currently alpha, ignore the date for this.
Assign To: We will do that(empty).
Target Version: Just Fill in the next milestone to get it on the roadmap(beta).
Summary: Submission title. One sentence is enough.
Description: Detailed information about the bug. When does it occur? What does it influence? Maybe refer to images.
Steps to reproduce: If the bug is reproducable, describe the exact way to reproduce it(e.g. do not have bat form, find the bat boss, kill it with firestone, run into next room directly)
Additional Information: Feel free to post anything you want to say(about the bug).
Upload File: Add an image that captures/shows the bug. Maybe press Q(ingame) to show debug info, so that the bug may be more visible.
View Status: public

We really appreciate your help and hope you can enjoy the game at least a little bit :)