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alpha update

08 Apr 2014 Today we have finally released a new alpha version. We improved the graphics by increasing the window size, everything should be a bit bigger and sharper. There are also two new mobs: the mole and...Read more

alpha update

04 Mar 2014 We released a new alpha update this night. We changed some behind the scenes stuff and also added a new Boss as well as zombie versions of the rabbit and the bat. Additions: Zombie versions...Read more

how to create a bug report

25 Feb 2014 How to create a bug report It is really helpful for us if our testers create bug reports via the bug/issue reporting system. Feature requests should be done personally. So, on to the tutorial: When...Read more

new launcher

24 Feb 2014 new launcher After our alpha update today, we just uploaded a new version of our launcher. The updating did not work so Thierry fixed it. And in the progress he also added a new Progressbar....Read more

alpha update

24 Feb 2014 First alpha update and peek into story Today we have released our first update for our alpha testers. It includes some behind-the-scenes changes and a short introduction to the story. What we have done: Additions:...Read more


18 Feb 2014 A short tutorial on foraois alpha For our alpha testers: You move with WASD. Select Moves in your heartbar to use them with the mouse button it is bound to(left click binds to left, right...Read more

alpha release

17 Feb 2014 finally: alpha release of foraois Today we are finally able to show you the fruits of our labour.We have released the alpha of foraois tonight and hope that it will be tested till no bugs...Read more